Our Approach

Our approach is based on the principals of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), person-centred/family centered care and the ARC Framework for trauma informed care.

We ensure our organization incorporates the principals and actions of trauma-informed care by:

  • Seeing behaviour as communication and being curious rather than judgemental
  • Supporting caregivers and enhancing caregiver-child relationships both with care staff and family.
  • Supporting youth to develop awareness and skill in managing internal states.
  • Building resiliency in youth through providing choice, empowerment, self-determination and exploring self and identity.
  • We approach all youth and families from a person centered/family centered framework by 
    • Including youth and family knowledge, values, beliefs and culture into planning and service delivery.
    • Being transparent with youth and family in sharing information in a way that allows for informed decision-making and participation.
    • Supporting youth and family to be involved in decision-making in a way that works for them.
    • Collaborating with youth, family, professionals and other service providers to provide effective wraparound service for the youth.

Positive Behaviour Support:

  • PBS is used to address specific concerns with behaviour and ensure an approach that is developmentally appropriate, strength-based and part of a broader plan for supporting the youth in accessing the things they value and achieving their goals.