Services for children and youth

Behaviour Intervention, Tutoring program

We provide a variety of services for children and youth diagnosed with a developmental condition such as Autism spectrum disorder ADD/ADHD, Down syndrome, FASD, selective mutism.

We have clinic settings in Cranbrook, Kimberley, Creston, Invermere, Golden, Elk Valley, and provide outreach in surrounding areas.

Services we provide in the East Kootenays:


*Intensive behaviour intervention, Autism Therapy

* Early intervention

* Transition planning

*Tutoring for school-aged children

*Consulting for families and schools

* Teen and young adult life skill coaching

*Behaviour and safety plans for families and school settings

* Vocational skills and job coaching

*One on one tutoring and therapy for children and youth through online school programs

*We are able to connect families with Respite workers and provide supports

We provide one to one and small group options in a site-based program as well as in-home and community settings in surrounding areas.

Our Behaviour Consultants are able to create and modify individual plans and programs. This ensures the best possible intervention so individuals can get the most from their time here.


Naturalistic ABA teaching methods used include child lead play, structured and semi-structured teaching, incidental teaching, joint attention training, discrete trial training, developing routines and schedules, token systems, positive reinforcement, and positive behaviour supports. 

Areas targeted include:

* receptive communication

* expressive communication

* cognition

* play

* social skills

* joint attention

* self-regulation

* self-help

* behaviour

Funding options include:

Autism funding, private funding, online school programs


RASP (Registry of Autism Service Providers

ACT (Autism Community Training)

MCFD (Ministry of Children and Family Development)